It all started when...

I got my first camera for my 6th birthday. It was a Snoopy-Matic. My friends and I went on an adventure much farther away from home than allowed. We thought we got away with it until my Mom picked up the developed photos. She grounded me for a month. This didn't stop my thirst for adventure. Nearly four decades later, I am still doing the same thing. Just don't tell my Mom. more...

I am a commercial and editorial photographer who specializes in outdoor lifestyle, travel and people who are passionate about how they live. I shoot for brands such as Red Bull, Victory Motorcycles, Boston Whaler, Nike and United Airlines. Some of my editorial clients are Rock & Ice, Field & Stream, Nat Geo Adventure, Outside and Surfer Magazine. 

Located in Chicago, my strong Midwestern work ethic, if applied nationwide, would save the American workforce from all threats*. Creatively, I do not just push boundaries, I walk through walls*. My shtick is solving problems before they even come up so nothing, not even nuclear war, will prevent me from handing off some, as the kids say, fleek shots to my clients.

I love solving problems before they get out of control. I believe collaboration is key to creating the best imagery possible.

I am very comfortable on the road, whether traveling by foot, float-plane, motorcycle, or on top of freight trains. I have traveled the world and only have one continent remaining to visit. 

If you seek a photographer who is dedicated, passionate, all-in, and has a great sense of humor…I would love to connect.

*Note: Saving the American Workforce, Walking through Walls, and surviving Nuclear War are not a 100% guarantee.